While the foundation for all learning starts with strong skills in English and Math, Inspiration Learning Center offers classes for all subjects and all grades.

Elementary/Primary (JK-Grade 5)

Learning at the elementary level is all about building a solid foundation for all that is to come in your child’s educational journey. The first step is to develop strong language skills, which will help your young child communicate and interact with the world, and will also facilitate learning in all subjects and areas of life. Learning math at this level is also important for establishing good number sense, numeration, and basic calculation skills. Our tutors approach teaching elementary students using a wide variety of methods to keep classes fun and informative, as well as engage the young learner.

Subjects offered include:

  • Language Arts:
    • English, ESL, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar
    • French & Spanish (*additional languages may vary depending on location)
  • Math

​Junior/Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Around this point, students begin to explore concepts learning in years in greater depth, with a greater focus on key concepts, problem solving, the synthesis of ideas. Sometimes students enter middle school with some gaps in their learning. Our experienced tutors are able to help them catch up, while addressing any current needs.

Subjects offered include:

  • Language Arts:
    • English, ESL, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar
    • French & Spanish (*additional languages may vary depending on location)
  • Math, Science, Social Studies, Programming and Coding

Secondary/High School (Grades 9-12)

By high school, students should have a solid foundation in all the core subjects, which includes Math and English. Students at this level are fine tuning their skills in both written and oral communication, in order to accurately express their ideas for different purposes and audiences. High school students are also thinking about what their next step is beyond graduation. We offer tutoring in a variety of subjects so students can receive help for the courses they need for college/university acceptance and be well-prepared to enter post-secondary studies.

Subjects offered include:

  • Language Arts:
    • English, English Literature, Advanced Writing, Creative Writing, ESL, Public Speaking, Grammar
    • French, Chinese, Spanish (*additional languages may vary depending on location)
  • Math:
    • Grade 9 &10 Academic and Applied Math, Grade 11 Functions, Grade 12 Data Management; Grade 12 Advanced Functions; Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors
  • Science:
    • Grade 9 & 10 Science, Grade 11 & 12 Biology, Grade 11 & 12 Chemistry, Grade 11 & 12 Physics
  • Special Education
    • We handle learning disabilities including ADD, LD and ADHD
  • Other:
    • Business, Accounting, Geography, History, Political Science, Computer Science, Computer Programming and Coding, Arts Portfolio, Media and Communications

​Inspiration Learning Center has many locations throughout the GTA. Contact us to find a class for your child today!

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