​Canadian Franchise Association Announces Inspiration Learning Centre As Recipient Of Two Prizes

Inspiration Learning Centre Takes Home Silver Honours in the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence and 2018 Choice Franchisees’ Award at the CFA Awards Gala.
April 24, 2018… At the the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising Inspiration Learning Centre took home some grand honours competing alongside some of Canada’s biggest franchises. The Canadian Franchise Association was pleased to announce Inspiration Learning Centre as the recipient of the silver prize for the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising in the Traditional, Brick and Mortar category and was a recipient of the 2018 Choice Franchisees’ Award.

The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising is an award given to franchises that have spent years and invaluable time in building their brand. Each year the award is given to franchise systems that have demonstrated the strongest, most mutually rewarding relationships with their franchisees. The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising recognize excellence in franchise operations. The 2018 Choice Franchisees’ Award is an award given to each organization by their franchisees. Franchises are judged based on their ability to lead, plan, market, train, and support its franchisees. Winning these two awards proves that Inspiration has not only seen superior success over the past decade but it has also developed a thorough and responsive brand that helps all its franchisees grow and see success.

This year was Inspiration’s first year at the gala, after years of hard work the brand has built a successful network of franchisees that deserve to be commemorated as well. With the building of these positive relationships Inspiration was able to take home a big honour at its first ever appearance at the CFA Awards Gala which was held on Ottawa, Ontario from April 23rd, 2018.

To be nominated for the 2018 CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising , a CFA-member franchise system must have been franchising for three years or more and must hold 6+ franchisees. In fact, this year, more than 70 CFA-member franchise systems participated in the competition, setting a new record. Inspiration held its ground alongside some of the titans of Canada’s Franchise industry including: Symposium Cafe, Pizza Nova, Pizza Pizza, Wendy’s, Scholar’s Education Centre, and Restoration 1.

Entries were separated into Traditional Franchises (those with brick and mortar locations) and Non-Traditional Franchises (those that are mobile or home based). Within these categories, entrants were grouped based on number of franchisees. Inspiration won silver in its category. With 12 locations already, next year, great things will be planned for Inspiration for be on the look out for a rising brand of success.

School Safety Measures

If you have decided to start in-class learning please follow the proper guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and peace mind. 🏫👩‍🏫
You already know the signs and symptoms to look for and you know what to do in case someone in your family gets sick. 🤒
Now, as schools are re-open be sure to reinforce these precautions even more as students will be in a closed public space for a long period of time. It is important to keep social distancing as it reduces close contact with others. 📏
Don’t forget to wear your mask because it helps contain any infectious droplets that are released while talking. 😷
Most importantly, wash your hands to limit the risk of touching your face after you touch a contaminated surface.

In-Class vs. Online Learning

Are you still unsure whether or not you should continue with online learning or go back to in-class learning? 🏫🤔🖥 The Centres for Disease Control has made a Back to School Checklist to help with the advantages and disadvantages for each situation. ✅❌
Reasons for going back to in-class learning: participation in school activities, allow parents to work, most efficient learning when physically at school.📚
Reasons for not going back to in-class learning: the level of community spread may be high in your area, a community member may have an underlying condition that increases the risk of illness. 🤒
Reasons to continue with online learning: home supervision, access to reliable technology, real-time virtual interactions, peace of mind and safer environment.💻🏠

Back to School

With students going back to school after what felt like the longest March Break ever we will be happy to welcome any students who would like to come back to in-center learning. We have made sure to take the appropriate measures and installed several protective shields and sanitizing stations. For those that are not comfortable with in-center classes, yet we will still be offering online learning. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about the new school year.

Windsor Construction in Progress

Here are some new photos showing the construction in progress at our new location in Windsor. This location will be opening very soon at 3850 Dougall Ave. Unit 180A. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this location you can contact Shandy at 647-286-1160 or windsor@inspirationlearningcenter.ca.

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