A testimonial from one of our students:

“For coding, I feel like it is cool learning a new skill and I think coding is enjoyable. I learn a lot and I am advancing quickly. I started not knowing a thing and now I know a variety of things, even though I am still a beginner. I have learned a lot but I still can learn a lot. ”

A testimonial from one of our students:

“I think that my reading and writing class is very fun because I think that I am learning so much through all my classes! The teacher is very nice and smart too. We always have spelling words that can challenge everybody in the class to make it fun. I am learning so many new words to expand my vocabulary skills too. This class taught me to try my best no matter what. We always read and write paragraphs about what we read to understand. The teacher also always helps me to do something if I do not understand. I think that I am improving in everything in English because of this class. We also play games sometimes. The games are always fun and they always are related to English which makes it exciting! This is a great English class! ”

A testimonial from one of our students

“I really like my math class because the teacher is really nice and I learn so many new things! I learned fractions, Geometry and so many other things! In this math class I have learned to work hard and to always try my best. I always try to challenge myself so my teacher challenges me. The questions might be hard but the teacher always finds a way to explain it the easiest way possible so I can understand. I think that this math class is super fun!!”

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