At Inspiration Learning Center, we provide students with workbooks carefully selected from the top educational publishers in Canada.

Available Subjects:

Our Self-Published Workbooks

Each of our workbooks contain 24 lessons, and include complete reviews of concepts, new materials, and frequent testing questions. Our workbooks are based on the current Ontario curriculum.

English Workbooks


Grade level vocabulary
Define words and write sentences
Put words in context

Many activities and writing assignments


Grade level themes
Readings include fiction, poetry, essays, newspaper articles, and biographies

Through reading comprehension questions, focus on summarizing and finding literary devices


Learn to write vivid and concise sentences
Activities on sentence, paragraph and essay structure

Fiction units on theme, plot and character development and using figurative language


Intermediate to advanced lessons
Learn complete grammar including: parts of speech, clauses, phrases, sentence types, subject, object, predicate, agreement, verb tenses
Master punctuation

Learn to write more effective sentences

Math Workbooks

Grades 1-5

Lessons include:

Counting, numbers, addition, subtraction, long-division, multiplication, fractions, word problems, patterns, equations, decimals, probability, geometry, area, grids, data management

Grades 6-8

Material focuses on:

Ratio, percentage, multiplying and dividing decimals, factors, exponents, addition and subtraction of integers, variables, equations, fraction operations, surface area and probability, graphing, integer operations, angles and triangles

Grades 9-11

Number sense, algebra, solving number problems, operating with exponents, polynomial expressions, equations, algebraic modeling, determining relationships, comparing linear and non-linear relations, slope, geometry, quadratic functions, analytic geometry, properties and line segments, trigonometric ratios, right and acute triangles, compound interest and annuities, financial decision making, Sine and Cosine law, oblique triangles, Radian measure, Sinusoidal functions, rational and exponential expressions, Conic math, geometric sequences

Grade 12

Data management, advanced functions, and calculus

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