• “I have been coming to Inspiration Learning since 10th grade; with this being my final year until I leave for university. I have not only gotten early acceptance for all my top choice universities, but I feel that Inspiration Learning has prepared me for success in my future of post secondary education. I am very thankful for Inspiration Learning, as I am not sure I would have gotten this far without them.”
    Lucy M. 2018 - 10th- 12th grade in math, biology, physics, and chemistry
  • “As a new immigrant of Canada, I had no experience with the Canadian education system. With the help of Inspiration Learning, I feel that I have overcome the language barrier and have been given the necessary fundamental tools to do well as a student in Canada.”
    Robin W. 2018 currently at University of Toronto in Engineering
  • Inspiration Learning Center is a good place where students can express themselves by studying together. The students here feel more like they are at home than at a tutor. I have been coming here for 2 to 3 years now to study English and French. With the help of my tutors, my understanding, speaking, and writing have all improved through my learning. I feel like Inspiration Learning Center means friends, family, and gives me guidance. I am looking forward to another year of summer school here!
    William W. (Grade 11)
  • I chose Inspiration Learning Center for my children because I liked its philosophy and approach to education. I had researched other tutoring businesses including Kumon and other big names but didn't like their philosophy. I liked the fact that Inspiration Learning Center offered tutoring programs that could follow alongside the school curriculum. I saw huge improvements in my kids. My son Luca takes French classes and I have seen a vast improvement in his ability to speak French. My daughter Madelen, who is getting tutored in math, is a lot more confident. She now tries to do math on her own, and is able to focus on the problem until she gets it correct. She has frequently commented that her tutor Timix encourages her to rely less on calculators to improve her skills. Having the one-on-one tutoring sessions were absolutely imperative for her since she received her tutor's full attention. Her confidence in math has just shot up since attending her sessions with Timix. Even her school teachers have noticed and have commented to me that what Madelen was doing was working, especially as her grades have gone from the 40s to 80-90s! For me, Inspiration Learning Center means consistency and being able to tailor my children's tutoring program to work with the school curriculum. It means a slew of confidence in terms of education for my children. I am very happy with my experiences at Inspiration Learning Center.
    Tammy Mandarelli, parent of Madelen (Grade 7) and Luca (Grade 5)
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