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Students are taught one-on-one or in very small study groups and receive individual explanation, attention and homework assignments. Each student is first given an entrance diagnostic test that is carefully evaluated, and from there the student receives the first evaluation report that details his or her strengths and weaknesses. Workbooks are recommended to each student who receives their own individual study plan, which is specifically designed to improve academic performance.
We currently have fourteen locations in Toronto, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Markham, North York, Aurora, Newmarket, and Calgary. We are rapidly expanding across the GTA.
Our tutors are certified teachers and university graduates in their respective fields, including math, English, and science. All our tutors are fully trained by Inspiration senior managers, and have been certified with an assessment in their area of competency.
During the school year, we are open afternoons, evenings and weekends. During summer holidays, we are open the whole day on weekdays and weekends. Please check individual locations for exact schedules. We can open early and stay late to accommodate individual students. Contact us about our flexible home tutoring hours.
The costs of the program vary depending on the needs of the student. We have a variety of programs and payment options designed to fit all budgets. The most important thing is to bring the student in for a free skill level evaluation (valued at $150) so we can assess his or her strengths and weaknesses and create an individualized program to suit his or her situation.
We have our own specially designed workbooks and lesson packages using our unique blend of Eastern and Western educational methods. Our resources include practice, memorization, testing, oral communication, and critical thinking skills. Our staff are all highly trained and qualified, and we give the tutors the flexibility to teach using their own individual strengths. We promote open communication between teachers, tutors and parents, and offer many extra services to parents and students.

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Inspiration Learning Center offers professional tutoring services from highly skilled and dedicated teachers, and we believe that every student can achieve their full potential and develop a love for learning with proper educational and emotional support.

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